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They found my mother with bruises on her arms and private areas. The rape kit was positive. How could this happen? What do I do now?

Cases involving sexual assault or sexual abuse require immediate expert review before evidence is compromised or lost. Professional case analysis is required, as well as, the counsel of an experienced sexual abuse attorney. We provide sexual assault and abuse victims in nursing homes with the personal care and aggressive representation that they deserve. Contact the Hone Law Firm in the Detroit, MI area to discuss your options with an experienced sexual abuse attorney who will fight for your legal rights boldly and tirelessly.

Areas of Consideration in Your Case

Safety of residents in acute care or long term care is the responsibility of the staff at the institution or nursing home.

There should be policies with regard to surveillance and enforcement.

Failure to protect a resident from being sexually assaulted by another inpatient or staff member is an unfortunate issue in many nursing home cases.

The National Center on Elder Abuse, Nursing Home Abuse Risk Prevention Profile and Checklist has conducted analysis, at length, of the nursing home elder abuse problem and attempts at a solution. Yet despite the fact that many nursing homes do provide good care to the frail and elderly, daily assault and abuse incidents are reported about the people most unable to protect and defend themselves.

Abusive acts can be physical, such as hitting, slapping, shaking or nonconsensual sexual contact. Emotional abuse consists of verbal assaults, humiliation, and threats.

Why would anyone abuse another? Staffing levels, resources, quality of care vary much between nursing homes.

  • The chance of abuse is more likely in a facility with a high percentage of residents with dementia or low staff ratio;
  • Poorly trained aides are less likely to be able to give quality care for residents who have dementia and exhibit behavioral symptoms such as hitting, kicking, tearing things, or who are physically dependent when the staff ratio is low and they are being asked to work double shifts.

In nursing home sexual abuse cases, especially, it is important to get started on the investigation immediately. Phone Hone at 248-948-9800 or contact us online.

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