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  • If my doctors had given me antibiotics during my pregnancy, could my early labor and delivery have been prevented?
  • Did my child’s premature birth cause my child’s cerebral palsy by causing a bleed on the brain?
  • Has your child’s Doctor used the words “Periventricular Leukomalacia, or, Hemorrhage, or, infarction,” when talking about your Child’s MRI, Ct-Scan, or brain film?
  • Did the Doctor or Hospital treat my early contractions negligently?
  • Should I have been admitted, treated with medicines, and monitored for the early contractions?
  • Should I have been sent to the Hospital rather than sent home?

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Premature birth can lead to a wide variety of complications for the child. Premature babies do not have fully developed immune systems and may not be able to fight off infections. Delivery of a premature baby can also expose the child to specific birth injuries. In addition, extremely premature babies may be susceptible to brain bleeds, which can lead to cerebral palsy.

Doctors and other medical staff have the ability to monitor and control premature labor and premature birth. Failure to do so may constitute medical malpractice. If your child suffered any birth injury or has any affliction that can be connected to premature birth, contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney immediately – The Hone Law Firm.

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At Hone Law, we have been practicing attorneys in the area of medical malpractice in Michigan for over 25 years. I know from experience the types of long-term effects that can arise from a premature birth. We fight aggressively to seek maximum compensation for the harm that has come to you or your child as a result of the negligence of medical professionals.

I am a birth injury attorney who works with credible experts in order to build the most powerful and compelling birth trauma case on your behalf. I examine your case from every angle and seek to hold all responsible parties accountable for their part in the injuries to you or your baby.

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