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  • My father fell out of bed and fractured his hip: He said he was pushing his call light and the aid never came. Then he passed. How do I bring a medical neglect claim?

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Michigan Nursing Home Falls and Injuries Attorney - Metro Detroit, MI, Detroit areaFalling accidents are the leading cause of injury in nursing homes. Frail patients with brittle bones are more likely to fall and more likely to be seriously hurt when they do. In a well-run nursing home, the risks are greatly reduced and many falls are prevented.

If your loved one suffered broken bones or other injury in a nursing home accident, Hone Law can investigate to determine whether the facility was negligent. We seek to hold nursing homes accountable for the medical intervention and for your family member’s pain and suffering, lasting disability, or death.

I am Michigan licensed personal injury lawyer John S. Hone. I handle nursing home neglect litigation cases in the Detroit area, Downriver, MI and throughout Michigan. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Falls in Nursing Homes: Was It Really an Accident?

Contact a Falls in Nursing Home Attorney NowThe nursing home administrators often try to explain away the injury. While it is true that nursing home patients are more susceptible, the administration also has a duty to be extra vigilant and careful for the most vulnerable residents.

I can look into any falling accident or injury:

  • Falls from bed from lack of rails or restraints
  • Failure to assist to the bathroom, in the shower, etc.
  • Patients dropped during transport or transfer
  • Falls while walking or wandering

Was your loved one assessed for fall risk? Did the nursing home staff follow standard protocols and the specific care plan for your parent or family member? Was your loved one walking alone because the call button went unanswered? From my background in medical neglect litigation, I know what documents to request and what questions to ask in investigating a nursing home accident.

Compensation for Nursing Home Accidents

Serious falling injuries such as hip fractures or head injuries often result in severe disability or death. Other common injuries such as broken legs and wrist or elbow fractures can be debilitating and slow to heal.

I work to make nursing homes pay rightful compensation and hopefully make changes that prevent similar tragedies in the future. Call my law office at 248-948-9800 for a free initial consultation, or contact Hone Law online.

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