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Michigan Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers - Personal InjuryDo you suspect that there is more to the story of your loved one’s death, injury or sharp decline in health? If you believe your elderly parent or other family member died or suffered because of neglect and personal injury at a care facility, you deserve answers and your loved one deserves justice.

Hone Law attorneys have the capability and the commitment to investigate nursing home abuse and negligence. We strive to hold those facilities accountable for the preventable harm and the needless suffering. We aim to improve the way your loved one and other residents are treated.

My name is John S. Hone. I am a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Birmingham who can take on nursing homes in the Detroit area, Downriver, and throughout Southeastern Michigan. Contact me today for a free consultation with an experienced attorney while the evidence in your case is still there and details are fresh in your mind.

  • If the aides had turned my father every 2 hours like the Doctor ordered, would he have lost his leg to gangrene from a bed sore? ANSWER: $310,000 settlement in mid-Michigan county.
  • My mother was found on the floor of her bathroom with a broken hip. Why didn’t the aides answer her call light?
  • My mother fell off the side of the bed and suffered a brain injury when her head hit the floor. She later died. How could this happen if the aides were with her putting her into the wheelchair?
  • Is it true that if you don’t get the nursing home records right away, that if my lawyer is forced to sue, the nursing home lawyers will move the court to quash the incident report, to bury it never to see the light of day, and most judges will Order that the family never be able to see the “Incident Report”. This is absolutely true: get the records now. John S. Hone.

Help for Nursing Home Abuse Cases

The administration and staff at long-term care facilities have a moral, professional and legal obligation to provide basic medical care, nursing care and attention to its vulnerable residents. However, underfunded nursing homes tend to be short-staffed and poorly supervised, sometimes resulting in:

  • Nursing home Falls and injuries – lack of supervision or failure to assist patients
  • Bed sores or malnourishment – substandard nursing care
  • Abusive treatment of Alzheimer’s patients – negligent hiring and security
  • Medical negligence – diagnosis errors, medication mistake

Michigan Medical Negligence Attorneys MIIn practice for more than 25 years, I built my reputation in the field of medical malpractice. I am familiar with technical medical issues and the standards of care in the nursing home and assisted living industry. I know how to research patient records and the facility’s management and hiring practices to show how the nursing home was negligent.

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