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Michigan’s no-fault benefits specifics may seem straightforward, but cases involving no-fault insurance claims can be complex. You may be confronted with obstacles when filing no-fault benefit claims in Michigan.

Application for Benefits

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2. Operates as an Affidavit since you sign it, making you subject to cross examination of the information in the completed application.

3. Advice: Seek assistance of attorney when completing this form. Call 248-948-9800.

4. Secondly, do not give the insurance company a recorded conversation over the phone.

5. We will have the adjuster come to our office for your statement if we decide that it is in your best interests to give one.

6. Also, this gives the attorney the opportunity to look at your insurance policy to explain your rights under the policy.

7. The insurance policy will inform the attorney whether you have uninsured or underinsured coverage that may be essential to recovery in the third party case.

Attendant Care

In home nursing care is part of medical benefits. This may be a nurse, or a family member may be paid to attend to the personal needs of the injured person while recovering from their injury. The pay depends on the sophistication of the services offered. The amount of pay is one of the hotly litigated aspects of No Fault litigation. If a Registered Nurse is required to give medications, breathing treatments, etc… to a patient who has suffered traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, spinal cord injury, seriously disabling fractures and organ damage, the rate can exceed $30/hour. For a family member the rate is in the $13/hour range.

Our advice would be to get the assistance of an attorney in processing the claim for attendant care benefits. There are formalities that have to be complied with, including a Certificate of Disability, or prescription; and, forms filled out by the services provider. Don’t get hurt again – talk to a no-fault insurance attorney at the Hone Law Firm. 248-948-9800.

Do not assume your medical provider knows or cares to fill out the forms accurately.


The No Fault Insurance carrier is obligated to pay:

  • Hospital and doctor services, including chiropractic
  • Medicine
  • Orthopedic devices
  • Medically necessary equipment
  • Private duty nursing
  • Home modifications
  • Payment of injured party’s family to care for injured party at home
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Physical , mental, vocational, occupational rehabilitation
  • Funeral expense in amount set forth in policy
  • Some probate fees associated with Guardianship or Conservatorship

Be aware that the insurance company may fight these fees claiming they are not indicated, or unreasonable along with other reasons.

Be aware of the “Independent Medical Examination”, used by the Insurance company to cut off your benefits, and avoid their legal obligation to pay same. DO NOT GO TO AN “IME” WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH AN ATTORNEY FIRST! For assistance call 248-948-9800; or email


The No Fault Insurance carrier is responsible to pay your transportation costs to and from your medical provider appointments.

Replacement Services

The no fault insurance claimant, you, are entitled to $20/day in replacement services for 3 years from the date of the accident to replace services that the injured person used to do for himself or herself or his or her dependents but can no longer do because of the accident injuries.

Again, this requires appropriate forms to be submitted to the insurance carrier, properly filled out, signed and dated. Do not presume that your medical provider knows or cares to fill out the Certificate of Disability appropriately. Feel free to call 248-948-9800, or email,, for assistance.

Wage Loss

The insurance company is required to pay work loss benefits in the event of injuries causing disability from employment. While straightforward, there are many complicating situations: temporary unemployment; receipt of MESC benefits; working under the table, etc…. that you need the assistance of an attorney to process this claim. Call 248-948-9800, or email,

In my experience I have obtained benefits for individuals who had been receiving MESC benefits, and negotiated a reduction in the claim of MESC at the conclusion of the case.

Act Quickly the Right Way

WARNING: “ The Application for Benefits must be filed within ONE YEAR of the accident.

It is absolutely essential that the Application be filled out right, with the assistance of an attorney. Why? Because it has the legal effect of an affidavit.

  1. If your case goes to trial, you WILL be cross examined by the insurance company lawyer regarding the content of the Application
  2. These are skilled lawyers, trained to kill your case(S), and your right to these benefits.
  3. The statements you make in the Application may destroy both your first party case and your third party case.

Be a winner. Phone 248-948-9800 for assistance in correctly and timely filling out the Application for Benefits form, today.

Michigan No Fault Benefits

The following benefits apply to the entire state of Michigan, including the counties of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Ingham, Kent, Berrien, Washtenaw, and any other county in Michigan.

The following benefits apply to the cities of Detroit, MI, Warren, Flint, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Westland, the Downriver communities, Grand Rapids, and other cities of Michigan.

These benefits do NOT apply to motorcycle accidents.

No Fault Benefits are called “first party benefits”.



Detroit Metropolitan No-Fault lawyers can help you obtain the following benefits:

  1. Medical- Michigan has the best no fault coverage in America. Life time benefits, if you obey the rules.
  2. Attendant Care – Question: Can a family member provide the attendant care? Answer: Call 248-948-9800, so an attorney can explain what attendant care is, who can provide, and what we can do to help you recover.
  3. Replacement Services
  4. Wage Loss
  5. Mileage
  6. Home Modifications
  7. Vehicle Modifications

You are owed these benefits because you have a contract with the insurance company. You pay them premiums, and if you are in an accident they must pay you these benefits. However, insurance companies set a reserve against your case when you are in an accident. When you approach or exceed the reserves, they schedule you for an IME, and independent medical examination, and their doctors cut you off. To protect yourself, you should talk to a competent, experienced attorney, the Hone Law Firm, BEFORE they cut you off.

Strict time limits apply. You must file your “APPLICATION FOR BENEFITS” right away. I strongly counsel that you do so with the assistance of a lawyer. Why? Because it operates legally as an affidavit . You will be cross-examined on this document if you file a case. Statements made in the application for benefits by you may destroy your case.

Call 248-948-9800 for assistance filling out your Application for Benefits.

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