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06 Dec

Victory in Defense Base Act Claim

Attorney John Hone scores another victory for a Defense Base Act client. Our client, injured while serving as a government contractor in Afghanistan, was denied authorization for a necessary surgery. Attorney Hone relentless fought for our client at an Informal Conference. On November 19 the insurance carrier relented and accepted the recommendations of the Department of Labor claims examiner. Our client is now going to be compensated for this much needed surgical procedure. If you or anyone you know is in need of passionate, relentless representation contact Hone Law Firm today. Regardless of case type, we will go to bat for you and get you the recovery you deserve.

02 Jan

Defense Base Act Settlement

The Hone Law Firm recently secured compensation in the amount of $245,000 for a client suffering from psychological injuries. These injuries included post-traumatic stress disorder. The Hone Law Firm has a clear track record of securing compensation for clients suffering from debilitating injuries. Whether you are suffering from psychological or musculoskeletal injuries, contact The Hone Law Firm today to ensure you are justly compensated.

02 Nov

Defense Base Act Claims: What is it, and who qualifies?

The Defense Base Act is a worker’s compensation scheme that applies to persons working on American military bases that are either located outside of the United States, or, were acquired by the United States from foreign countries. For example, it would be applicable to U.S. military bases in Iraq ( Operation Iraqi Freedom), Translators working for the U.S. army, contractors working on U.S. military bases, drivers, etc.. would be covered.  Civilian contractors working on military bases in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom), the middle east, South Korea, Germany, etc… are covered. The damages, however, are simply for wage loss and medical costs, just like Workers Compensation.  Claimants for injuries suffered as a translator, driver, construction worker, heating-cooling technician, etc… would not be able to claim for pain, suffering, mental distress and emotional anguish under the Act. Because of the high pay, and layers of payment, in war zones, the wage loss benefit to be recovered can be substantial when compared to other types of personal injury claims.  Another benefit to the injured… Read More

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