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Macomb, MI Auto Accident AttorneyEven with increased safety standards, car accidents continue to be a major cause of catastrophic injury and fatal auto accidents on highways throughout Michigan and Macomb, MI.

Whether or not your legal rights and rights to compensation are protected depend greatly on the steps you take immediately following a serious auto accident. Insurance companies will act quickly to protect themselves. At Hone Law, we will help level the playing field to protect your legal rights. Get the first hand-personal attention to your case so that you receive the best possible settlement for your auto accident case.

John S. Hone is a State of Michigan licensed auto accident attorney with more than 25 years of experience handling catastrophic and fatal personal injury claims throughout Michigan with an auto accident focus. My legal team and I will waste no time investigating the cause of the auto accident to determine fault. We will also consult medical experts to understand how your injuries have affected your way of life. Our detailed approach often prompts insurance companies to make large settlement offers, knowing we are fully prepared to prove fault and the extent of damages in trial. Contact our auto accident attorneys today to meet with a skilled, professional, and experienced attorney, one-on-one.

Seeking to Secure Your Legal Rights in Macomb, MI

Contact a Macomb, MI Auto Accident Attorney TodayShortly after an auto accident, insurance companies routinely try to get a taped conversation with the individual bringing the personal injury claim. When the at-fault insurance company calls to tape a conversation with you, just say no, you may not tape this conversation. The things that you say early on, may deny you the compensation you deserve down the line.

Do not give a statement until you have a personal injury attorney specializing in auto accidents. The insurance company does several things when they get notice of your case. At a certain point in time they set aside reserves.

Why are the reserves important? The amount of reserves can become a major tickler on the future of your case. For example, the insurance evaluator puts reserves of $30,000 on your case. Well, guess what? When they have spent $30,000 on you and your wage loss, medical bills, and other expenses, they will likely schedule an independent medical exam. This is an opportunity for the insurance company to hire a doctor, who is probably on retainer, to provide the medical opinion to cut off your benefits. In the best case scenario, the doctor will say you are deserving of benefits, and give the insurance company the evidence they need to increase your reserves.

The steps you take early on will matter long term. Get pictures. Go to the doctor and do what he says. Keep every document regarding the auto accident, including the insurance information, the collision shop receipts and the emergency room discharge papers.

At Hone Law, my legal team and I have extensive experience seeking justice for victims of catastrophic and fatal auto accidents in Macomb, Michigan, involving:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian/ bicycle accidents

Our attorneys are committed to helping you obtain justice, while holding the at-fault party accountable. My legal team and I will advocate to help you recover maximum compensation covering your medical needs, rehabilitation efforts, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Claims Against Your Own Auto Insurance Company

Our auto insurance claim attorneys will sue your insurance company if they do not pay you the wage loss and medical bills. These are called first party claims or personal injury protection claims. Our auto accident attorneys are very experienced in getting your own insurance company to pay you what they owe you.

You pay premiums to your insurance company so they will cover your wage loss and medical bills if you are injured in an accident. We seek to it that they do their work. Our firm includes Michigan auto insurance claim attorneys. You pay the premium. We make them pay the claim.

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FIRST PARTY: (Your Michigan No Fault Insurance, medical, mileage, attendant care, wage loss, replacement services)

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THIRD PARTY: (The negligent driver that caused the accident and the injury.)

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For: Non-economic damages, including pain, suffering, disfigurement, disability, emotional anguish, mental distress, etc…. As well as excessive economic damages.

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